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Customize Your Templates

To get more 5-star customer reviews using ClickUpLocal’s Get Reviews Tool, it’s important to personalize your review requests. Personalized requests tend to have higher response rates and build trust between you and your customers. By putting a little effort into your request templates, you can build your brand, get more honest reviews, and build a loyal customer base who feel valued by your business.

How to edit your review request template(s):

  1. Login to your ClickUpLocal Marketing Center
  2. Choose “Get Reviews” in the left-hand menu
  3. Click “Templates”
  4. Click the 3-dots next to your default template labeled “My Listing Review Request”
  5. Choose “Edit Template”
  6.  Review and edit the email subject
  7. Enter your reply email
  8. Enter a custom send from email (Pro feature)
  9. Review and edit banner image – we recommend using a branded image with your logo
  10. Personalize the Review Request email content (use dynamic components when possible)
  11. Click “Save” 

Next Steps For Pro users only – Get Pro:

  1. Return to the “Templates” page
  2. Click “Add New Template”
  3. Create a review template specific to past clients
  4. Create a review template specific to friends & family
  5. Create a text message review template

Need help or have questions?

Login to your Marketing Center and click the “Contact Us” link in the bottom left corner of the menu.