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A Solid Social Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool for local businesses to increase their reach, generate more brand awareness and boost sales. It provides an opportunity to engage with current and potential customers, build relationships, and gain loyalty, leading to more conversions. By utilizing the latest social media trends and techniques, local businesses can capitalize on new markets, create a lasting impression, and remain competitive in today’s digital age. 

This checklist will cover which social media platforms you should use, how to create, schedule, and post to all your platforms from one place, easily find new leads, share ready-to-post content, and more. Ready to take social media by the wheel and make your business stand out from the rest? 

Let’s get started!

Social Media Strategy Tips:

  • Social Media Platforms To Utilize: Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • How often to post: Once per day to all social platforms
  • Video is king: Posting videos and going live is the best way to engage on social media

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