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The Customer List

To get the most out of the Get Reviews tool, it’s important to first upload your customer list. This will allow you to reach out to friends, family, as well as past and existing customers and fast-track your business to unlimited 5-star reviews. By requesting reviews you’ll build trust with new customers and improve your reputation through positive reviews. 

How to upload your customer list:

  1. Create a list of up to 500 of your friends, family, current and past customers, along with their emails and phone numbers (you can do this in excel, numbers, or should be able to download it directly from your CRM)
  2. Save the list in .csv format
  3. Login to your ClickUpLocal Marketing Center
  4. Choose “Get Reviews” in the left-hand menu
  5. Choose “Customers” from the left-hand menu
  6. Choose “Import Customers” in the top right corner
  7. Choose your customer list .csv file
  8. Map your list’s columns accordingly
  9. Click “Upload”

Need help or have questions?

Login to your Marketing Center and click the “Contact Us” link in the bottom left corner of the menu.