Track Conversions With Google Analytics Using Advertising Intelligence

Website visitors and unique page views are nice but conversions are what really matter. The problem is that conversion stats aren't ‘preloaded’ in new Google Analytics accounts and you can’t see historical data, either. That means you're losing all those data points that could help spot opportunities to boost revenue or save costs.

What Is Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

We are happy to announce that you can now select Google Analytics as the source for your Conversion metrics with the ClickUpLocal Advertising Intelligence tool. This allows you to track your conversions directly from objectives set on Google Analytics, instead of just Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Why Is It Important?

Before this update in February 2021, conversion metrics could only be tracked from objectives set on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. However, setting objectives in Google Analytics can track the performance of the ad campaign in much more detail.

Now, with our Advertising Intelligence tool update, you can select the platform you’re using to set objectives which gives you complete data transparency and flexibility in analyzing the conversions.

How Does It Work?

Configuring your Conversion metric settings is easy! 

Open the ClickUpLocal Advertising Intelligence Tool and navigate to the Settings page. Then, click on the Conversion Metrics section under Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Configure the settings for the platform you chose. 

The option you select will supply the data for the Conversions metric in the ClickUpLocal Advertising Intelligence tool.

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